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What has been the best thing for you about coming to OLSK?


'The friends I have made along my journey who I feel close to due to how much our school cares about the community inside of it'


'Making friends and having extra support with lessons'


'All my friends.'


'The best thing for me was Astley Burf because of all its amazing activities'


'All the trips that have been planned and made I loved them because they where all based off different subjects such as EBL, RE or multicultural week.'


'Going on all the trips that the school provides for us students, as it gives us a wide range of things to do.'


'The best thing about coming to OLSK is that I have made lots of friends '


'I have friends that aren’t fake friends'


'Making friends that will last forever not just for the time at OLSK.'


'Seeing all my friends and being appreciated be all the people.'


'Making friends because I was new this year and I hardly knew anyone and this school is like my family.'


'Coming to OLSK was the best decision because when you first walk through that door, your friends make you feel so included and all the teachers make you grow into mature, lovely young people.'


'The best thing for me is probably having fun very day because of fun lessons and having loads of friends and teachers to talk to when you are upset'


'The best thing for me at OLSK is my friends, everyday walking through the gates my friends come straight up to me. Also the teachers since everyday they always put a smile on my face every morning , they also bring you up as mature people.'


'The banter we have and how friendly everyone is . When I joined I thought everyone would avoid me but really they all came up to me and made me feel happy and safe .'


'My best memory is getting to know other people and making new friends and all the exciting trips such as Astley Burf and lots of other exiting trips like travelling into Birmingham'