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Comments from families who are new to our school


We are always thrilled to welcome new families to our school. Those who have joined in Pre School or Reception and those who have joined in other year groups.  We hope that everyone loves our school community as much as we do and hope that they settle well into life at OLSK. We send them all a parents questionnaire to see how we're doing to make them feel welcome. Please take a moment to read some of the answers.

Has your child settled into their new class? 

Yes = 100%     No = 0%


Has your child made a new circle of friends?

Yes = 100%     No = 0%


Have they joined any after school clubs?

 Yes = 33%     No = 67%


If yes, which clubs and why?

'Football and afterschool club'

'Little Acorns - child care whilst working'

'Science club & both children have been to the breakfast club'

'Lego Club - it is the only one that she is able to join in Reception and she likes Lego, she would attend more clubs if able to do so'


Has your family felt welcomed into our school and school community?

Yes = 100%     No = 0%


Please tell us how you have been welcomed.



'Good communication from the school management.'


'Everyone has been friendly and always willing to assist.'


'Everyone is really approachable'


'Friendly parents and staff'


'Staff are friendly and there to answer quick questions at the start of end of the day. Pre school staff are amazing and have really helped my child settle in quickly. They started doing mornings only and couldn’t wait to go full time!'


'All teachers are very nice. I have got efficiency and quick response from school so far, thank you.'


'All parents and teachers are very friendly and helpful'


'All the staff are really nice and head teacher always says good morning to parents and children on the playground.'


'Welcome Mass in school, friendly staff and good communication'