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Online Safeguarding


At OLSK, we aim to keep all of our children safe, whether they are in school or at home.  We teach them about e-safety and how to use electronic devices sensibly.

However, sometimes when they go home, all of this learning is forgotten and they engage in risky behaviour that does not keep them safe.

We work with our parents to give them advice and guidance to keep their children safe when they are online and this page has direct links to organisations that can help if things do go wrong.

I am pleased to share with you the attached informative wall poster that serves as a reminder of the key steps to ensure children's safety in the digital world. This poster not only reinforces online safety practices but also encourages open conversations among parents, caregivers, and colleagues.

Keeping children safe online

Parents please be informed about this platform which your children may be accessing. Please ensure that children are always supervised online and you oversee any content they access #onlinesafety #safeguarding

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