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Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers


Because human beings are social by their very nature, human dignity is not realized in isolation but is realised in community with others. The dignity of the person is lived out in society by the fulfillment of personal responsibilities. Work is one such essential responsibility which shapes and fulfills human dignity by providing for the needs of one’s self and one’s family.

Work belongs to the vocation of every person. Work is an essential means by which the goods of the earth and the creative capacities of human beings are engaged to provide for human flourishing and the common good. Human work is the fulfillment of human dignity by engaging in and cooperating with the creative work of God.

Children in Year Three have been researching about poor working conditions across the world ready to write their newspaper articles next week 📰

The Cartitas Ambassadors spread joy this morning by delivering ‘thank yous’ to our wonderful teachers, dinner ladies, office staff and everyone else for their vocation, thinking about our CST this half term- dignity of work, we give thanks for our wonderful staff ❤️

Pre-school have been very lucky to meet a veterinary nurse and police officer, they loved finding about more about what their calling from God is and learning about the responsibilities each role entails. We loved role playing these vocations within pre-school, in our very own vets and costumes!

Vocations week in Year Three. We had a visit from PC Mittoo and from Katie, a veterinary nurse. We feel so inspired by these people who do wonderful work for our world. It has been lovely to have the time to reflect upon what God is calling us to be. 

Vocations Week in Y6! We had visits from Mrs Sharpe who talked to us about mental health and led us in a meditation. We also had PC Mittoo who talked to us about his Vocation as a Police Officer!

Year 2 have been learning about vocations this week. We thought about our God given talents and what our calling from God may be

In prayer and liturgy for Vocations Week in Y1 we offered our flames to the altar and spent time in silent prayer to listen to God and who he is calling us to be.

What a brilliant morning learning all about the vocation of being in the police force! Thank you for looking after our community 🙏

Year 1 drew portraits of the staff and wrote about valuable and important they all are in our school community.

Y6 sent Christmas cards to our local fire station to thank them for working over Christmas!

As part of their Advent preparation, Y6 have created Christmas cards for lonely people in the Parish and for people working on Christmas Day!

Vocations week in school, celebrating God given talents for people to be able to do good work for our world 💕

Mini Vinnies doing fabulous work with the SVP