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RWI Parents Workshops


Huge thanks to all of the parents from YR - Y2 who were able to join us for the Read, Write Inc workshops. We hope that you found them useful and enjoyed spending time with your child, learning more about phonics. Thank-you to all who completed the questionnaire to give us some feedback. The answers from these are below.


What did parents think?


How did you find the workshops?


69% = extremely useful

31% = somewhat useful


What did you find useful about the workshops?


'Demonstration of a lesson, opportunities to see exactly how the children work and then putting it into practice with us!'


'Good to see how phonics is taught in OLSK, so we can do the same at home - Fred talk etc. Good ideas for activities at home.'


'It was really useful seeing how the children are taught and gaining confidence so that we can support at home Learning'


'Sounds children aren’t expected to know at this point Structure of lesson Ideas to do at home Reading level'


'It was useful to see how children work in the class.'


'It was helpful to see how my daughter is learning the phonics, how much practise she has in class and how it is done.'


'The children having the exercise with Mrs Turner was really impressive 👏 it's always useful for parents to see and experience teachings in person. I learnt a lot today.'


'To understand how phonics is taught in school and to see the children in action'


'The interaction helped me to understand how my son would see it so at home I can deliver it the same familiar way.'


'The interactive between the children and Mrs Turner. And going through the sounds with Mrs Turner by repeating after her.'


'It was useful to see how our children are thought phonics at school to be able to support them better at home. It is so much fun for them to learn phonics this way and Fred the frog makes it even more enjoyable.'


'Everything was explained thoroughly and the children were participating very well. Thanks Mrs. Turner and their teachers, please keep it up Reception class😊.'


'Seeing how my child learns'


Have you any suggestions that we may be able to take on-board for future workshops?


'Maybe some demonstrations of sentence structure work.'


'More of a focus on how they read at school'


'It is difficult to have time off from work so maybe that kind of sessions could be recorded and added to the class page?'


'It would be great having these sessions recorded and available for parents who cannot attend or even as a reminder for all of us how the phonics are thought at school, so we can better support the learning at home.'


'No. This is the first workshop I have been able to attend so I have appreciated that the multiple opportunities to attend.'


Would you like to add anything further about the Read, Write Inc workshop?


'Fantastic workshop. Mrs Mitchell is great with the children and I felt really welcome. I felt we could take our time and the activities were spot on.'


'Lovely session for parents. Children are clearly very happy in school and know the routine of the phonics session, really well.'


'I say it all the time- but a perfect example of how lucky we are to have our children being taught at OLSK! Teachers are fantastic and really fill me with confidence about my daughters education.'


'Thank you for organising workshops for parents. It is a good insight on how our children are thought and what a great fun it is to learn phonics.'


'It's great to be able to see the workshops and create the link between what they learn at school and what is done at home'


'I found the Read, Write Inc meeting to be a wonderful way to engage in our child’s learning journey. As a parent without prior experience in phonics, I found the information provided to be extremely useful. It appears to be a comprehensive and ongoing learning process for the children. I’m eager to explore the online resources to further support my child’s development. I’m genuinely looking forward to more opportunities like this to actively participate in my child’s education. Many thanks to the dedicated teachers for their time and efforts in making this possible.'


'Thank you for organising the workshop! You truly make a lot of effort to teach our children phonics and make it so much fun. I loved seeing my son learning the sounds and how much fun he had playing spelling game.'