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OLSK Parish

Do you live in the Parish? You can check by clicking on the button below, but before clicking, please follow these guide lines. |

After you press the 'click here' button, delete the details that you see in the Google search bar, at the top of the page. Type in your own post code. Press return.

Look carefully, because the colour of the tear drop and the colour of the parish background are similar.

Sorry but the Boundary Commission came up with the colours, as well as the Parish Boundary.

Look for the tear drop, or upturned raindrop - that's where you live. Is it inside the Parish or not?

The church is positioned at the very north of the Parish. You could live less than a mile away, near 'Our Plaice', along the Dudley Road, the Lodgefield Estate and be out of the Parish, or live more than five miles away, near Rubery or Northfield, and be in the Parish!

Good luck.