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Our Summer Learning Journey

Thank You God for sending the sunshine ☀️ we had a WONDERFUL picnic outside in our well decorated school grounds celebrating the “ Kings Coronation” it was lovely to see so many families. Thank You for celebrating with us 😊 . Also a huge thank you 🙏 for the yummy cupcakes 🧁 delicious and truly thoughtful.

After the service we had a “ Royal Banquet “ biscuits, fruit 🍉 and juice. The children bowed and curtsied to the King before enjoying their “ Feast “

Today in Pre School we acted out our own “ Coronation” it was AMAZING- everyone played a part . The children asked for “ Who is the King of the Jungle “ and we also sang “ Can’t Wait to be King” After the service the news reporters asked a few questions of the king, Queen and Priest ( It was lovely to see familiar faces in the crowd as we left West Minister Abbey) Thank you for coming to support such an important occasion 😊

During Class Worship/ RE we learnt about the new word “ Vocation “ and discussed how God speaks to us through prayer and the words in the Bible. The children recognised their own talents and discussed how they may use them in the future. We also visited the “ Peace Garden” and shared the prayer bag and a variety of Bibles.

Vocation Week - What is God calling you to be? How will you use your God given Talents ?

We loved acting out our focus story in Forest School- “ We’re going on a Bear Hunt” it gave us an opportunity to recall the different parts of the story, to link our movements to the new vocabulary such as “ Swishy Swashy “

We explored the sand with our feet 👣 and described how it felt. We also spent time on the adventure playground developing our Gross motor skills

Thank You God for sending the sun shine - We loved it 🥰 especially when we went on an adventure and had a picnic 🧺 in our garden

Linked to our new topic about “ Transport “ we decided to wash our bubble cars 🚗, and while the sun was shining we had our snack outside and explored our creative development