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Our Spring Learning Journey

Firstly Mrs Pugh and I would like to thank our lovely 🥰 families for all their beautiful and thoughtful gifts at Christmas- we felt truly spoilt. We hope you all shared a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  

A new year and some new friends to play with in Pre School- it is so exciting. The new children have settled really well and the existing children have been so kind and helpful towards them ( we feel really proud of them) 😊

The children were very thrilled when we discovered a giant egg 🥚 in our garden. They began to predict what was inside it ? Who does it belong to? Where did it come from? What things do we need to do to look after it, and keep it safe? 

We decided that if we sang some gentle rhymes to the egg 🥚 it might want to hatch and come out and meet us all. We displayed a lot of confidence to be able to stand up and sing 🎶 in front of our peers. We even used appropriate finger puppets to support our songs ! We were convinced we saw the egg rocking in time with our singing.

The children decided they thought there was a dinosaur 🦕 in the egg - so when we went to forest school the children worked together to see if they could find any other dinosaurs. They located somewhere they thought they would drink and eat. They discovered secret holes and even dinosaur footprints 👣. The children were great explorers 🧭 and so excited 😆

This week we have taught the children about Baptism and how important it is to us on our spiritual journey. The children have bought in photos of their Baptism and shared them with their friends, these will displayed around our prayer area. 😊 We used lots of new key words linked to this celebration such as holy water, god parents, font, priest and church.

The children truly enjoyed and showed such respect as they acted out an actual “ Baptism “ they got into character and were AMAZING!

We love 💗 the game “Duck, Duck, Goose” we run so fast - and got so excited 😆 during our PE session! We enjoyed working as a team to play the parachute 🪂 games , we soon learnt that we had to work together to make things happen .