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We worked together to write and lead our own Digital Leaders Assembly.




We follow the SMART campaign, which helps children remember what to do and what not to do in order to keep themselves and others safe online.


The internet can be a wonderful place when used safely and appropriately, but children need to be taught how to do this. Here are some things you may wish to consider in terms of your child's online safety.


Selfies - Taking selfies is very popular but this comes with concerns that your child may be sending inappropriate pictures of themselves. Focus on encouraging less sharing of photos online.


Cyber-Bullying - Bullying online can be just as devastating as bullying in the 'real world' - help by being actively involved in your child's use of the internet.


Online grooming - Look out for changes in behaviour such as wanting to spend more time on the internet, being secretive about what they're doing online, switching screens when you come near the computer, using language you wouldn't expect them to know and/or becoming emotionally volatile.


Digital Footprints - The internet has a good memory, it keeps a record of everything we do online. Encouraging your children to keep a positive online reputation is essential now and for their future. Most potential employers carry out internet searches of candidates!


Social Media - Consider the legal age restrictions on social media sites. Are you taking responsibility for your children on such sites?

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