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Our Autumn Learning Journey

Breakfast with Santa 🎅 was AMAZING - we had food, drinks and had a craft session. We even played party 🎉 games.

Run, Run Reindeers! We had bells and Santa leading the way 🎅 Thank you ALL for your generosity it is for an AMAZING Charity.

Look at how we prepared for Christmas 🎄 in Pre School - We decorated our tree 🌲, wrapped some presents 🎁 and wrote our Christmas lists.

Our focus story “ Delightfully Different Dilly” is linked to our Catholic Social Teaching “ Dignity of the Human Person “ we discussed how God loves us and made us unique/ we celebrated our own name and decorated it to take home to help us with name recognition. Also explored all our senses and Thanked God for them.

The children are fully engaged with the “ Nativity Story “ whereby they dress up in the different costumes to explore and express themselves as Mary, Joseph and all the other important characters in the story.

Stay and Pray - Our Respectful and Reverent Children know that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that Mary is his mother. Today we shared a bag of “ Gifts from God “ the characters from the Nativity Story. They could name all the important people and the roles they played in the wonderful story, they related so much to each character and to their own personal experience of the “ Christmas Story “ We offered our prayers up to Mother Mary and sang “ Away in a Manger “ Truly magical to see

Look at the many ways we explore number, shapes, colour and counting throughout our Pre School day. We enjoy “Active Maths” whereby we count out loud eg 4 star jumps, 3 knee lifts ( and whatever other actions they suggested) The children attempted to make different shapes with their bodies.They even worked together to create games using their imagination and the resources within our setting.

All the children love to share books in Pre School with the adults and with each other. Recently they have been enjoying our non fiction books linked to our topic “Celebrations” They are learning how to treat our books with respect, turning the pages correctly and discussing the pictures with their friends. Thank you to the parents who are sharing the library books with their children and making a comment in the blue diary. This is a great link between home and Pre School.

The children are really practising their fine motor skills in a variety of ways. They enjoy accessing our writing ✍️ area , speaking to each other on our phones and exploring a variety of medians.

Look at our wonderful children using the computer learning the names related to it and the features how it works???- also practicing the skill of drag and click which is really difficult when you are Three years old.

The children have really enjoyed learning about “Diwali “ the festival of light. We began by sharing the story of Rama and Sita, then we prepared our pre school for the Celebrations by cleaning 🧹 and drawing Rangoli patterns outside our front door. We also cut out some Diya 🪔 Lamps and ordered them 1-5.

We spent the morning with Reception and celebrated “Our community Language “ which was focused on France 🇫🇷 and celebrating the children and grown ups who can speak French. We recognise it is a super power if you can speak another language- and we had so much fun practicing lots of French words, making the French flags, trying French food, attempting to create the Eiffel Tower.

The children have enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night . They have explored colour mixing and using lots of GLITTER to create “ firework pictures “ Some of the children used a variety of boxes, containers to make “ Rockets” they practised saying the words such as “ pop, whizz, crackle, sizzle, whoosh, whee and bang”

Our Topic this term is “ Celebrations” 🥳 we are learning all about the different festivals and events which people celebrate. We began the week with Teddy’s Birthday 🎉 we made cards, party food, and played pass the parcel and other games such as musical statues and musical bumps.

Another busy week in Pre School - covering lots of Areas of Learning both inside and in our outdoor Classroom. What a wonderful group of children you are and I shared that high praise with your parents on “ Parents Evening “ this week. 🥳 THANK YOU “

Understanding the world is a key area of learning in Early Years - it is very much based on using all of their senses to explore their surroundings both indoors and outdoors. The children are beginning to be aware of the changes that are happening outside due to the season “ Autumn “ the leaves are changing colour, falling off the trees, and make lovely crunchy, rustling sounds under foot. Look you can also print with them.

We learnt that “ October is the month of the Rosary” during class worship. We enjoyed handling the large wooden Rosary Beads and discussing prayer and how , why we pray. The children are growing in confidence when blessing themselves and show great reverence and respect whilst learning about our faith.

This term in Pre School our focus is on developing our personal, social and emotional skills. It is so wonderful to see the children forming friendship groups within our setting. They are learning to share, turn take and respect their toys and each other.

This Week during PE we used the small apparatus to explore different ways of travelling and using different parts of our body.

Forest 🌳 School- our challenge was to find the pumpkins 🎃 which was quite tricky as the Reception children had hidden them so well.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11,12. ( It helped us practice our counting skills) We managed to find them all . Afterwards we shared a rhyming story all about “ Five Pumpkins 🎃 “ and added our own sound effects.

Some of us visited the Phiz Lab to make some play dough which we will share with our friends. Whilst making it we used lots of mathematical language and practiced our fine motor skills. The children were really impressed with the finished product.

As part of our physical development we are so lucky to have a professional coach come into school and teach our Early Years children “ Bike Ability “ - the children are loving it.

Our focus was linked to Expressive, Arts and Design whereby we were creative in many ways. We did marble painting, junk modelling, practised our cutting skills using cooked spaghetti and explored a variety of instruments. The children enjoyed working together to assemble the marble run, also using their imagination to create a storyline with the small world resources.

WOW - we are so PROUD of your performance today celebrating our “Harvest Assembly “ Your confidence, singing and dancing in front of a PACKED hall was AMAZING 🤩 Your parents must be so proud of you 👏 you are all born performers. The “ Best” dingle dangle Scarecrows I have ever seen. 🎉

Look at us enjoying the Great Outdoors - thankful of the things God has created. Being outside is one of our five steps to “ Well being” and we love 💗 it.

This week for our social Catholic we were thinking about Stewardship of God’s Creation - we really enjoyed listening to the story “ Greta and the Giants “ whilst sitting under the trees. It really made his appreciate our outdoor space. Also how important it is to take care of our environment, animals and each other.

Our Focus book this week is “ Peace at Last “ the children have enjoyed sharing the story, talking about the key characters ,using the story sack and acting it out themselves in the Puppet Theatre.

During our PE session we are beginning to take part in group activities whereby we need to work together to make things happen. Look at us enjoying the “ Parachute “ we know how to hold it correctly and we played “ Peek a Boo - I see you”

We took our learning of the “ Creation Story “ into Forest School where we were joined by our Reception friends for the first time. We gathered lots of wonderful natural materials and made hats, “ pretend “ camp fires 🔥 and found lots of Gods creatures. Which they showed them great respect.

During our RE lessons we are learning all about “The Creation Story “ we took an active role in the lesson. Also we learnt a new hymn “ If I were a Butterfly “ which we really enjoyed.

Look how we develop our Personal,Social and Emotional development throughout our time in Pre School. We are enjoying making new friendships also learning our rules and routines to keep us all safe.

One of our prime area of learning is “Physical Development “ it is key to our overall development. These are some of the ways we practise these skills focusing on hand eye co ordination , spatial awareness and working as a team.

Wow 😮 look at our AMAZING cards we made for Our Mother Mary we presented them to her on the Prayer table. We were able to select the resources we needed and attach them to the card, we talked about the different shapes and colours. We felt truly proud of our end product.

The children are developing their Gross motor skills by using the balance bikes and scooters.

We enjoyed learning all about Mother Mary our Class Saint, we celebrated her Birthday 🥳. We bought her some flowers 💐, made some cards, and even help to blow out the candle as we sang “Happy Birthday “ Our big surprise was playing outside with our birthday balloons 🎈😊

We are beginning to learn new rhymes and action songs in Pre School - we are growing in confidence.

Today our first lunch enjoyed in the “BIG HALL “ and activities in our outdoor classroom. We also practiced our cutting skills, explored the computer and other areas of learning with our new friends.

Our first day in Pre school whereby we could chose our activities and begin to play alongside our peers ( both old and new) 😊