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Stewardship of God's Creation


In Genesis 1:26 and 1:28, God gives people “dominion” over creation. From the beginning, God asked humans to care for one another and for all creation. We are to act as caretakers or stewards of creation.

The basis of all stewardship can be traced back to our creation. A steward takes personal responsibility for something in his or her care. One synonym for steward is keeper. A steward of God’s creation is a keeper of the earth. 

So how can we help children recognise that God wants us to be good stewards of God’s creation?

After reading our book ‘At the seaside’, year 2 made informative posters on how to be a good steward at the beach using all our phonics and SPAG knowledge!

National Tree Week 🌳 This week Pre-school and Reception shared the story of Gretta and the Giants, the children were able to recognise that the actions of the Giants were wrong and bad. We discussed the importance of trees and shared ideas of how we could help save God’s Creation by taking care our trees. In Forest school Pre-School and Reception showed appreciation to all of the wonderful trees, exploring their textures and patterns through making tree rubbings.

Y2 were exploring micro habitats and mini beasts in forest school this morning while being fantastic stewards of God’s creation. We made sure to leave the minibeasts and their homes exactly how we found them 💚

We are so proud to say that our climate justice art work which is currently displayed in The Cornbow Shopping centre, is being displayed in the Houses of Parliament for the COP meeting! Well done Mrs Morris for organising this 💚

Year Three loved their sewage workshop with Severn Trent water today. We learned so much about what happens to our waste. We will definitely be good stewards of God’s earth and protect the environment by only flushing what we need to down plugs and drains 💦 

Y5 loved their Sewage Workshop with Severn Trent Water, learning all about how to look after our waterways!

Y6 are analysing the poem ‘Blue Extinction’ by Sarisha Mehta so that we can write our own versions next week as part of our CST focus of Stewardship of God’s Creation!

In year 2 this afternoon, we are thinking about our geography enquiry question ‘Do we always appreciate what we’ve got?’. We had some lovely answers about how we can be better stewards of God’s creation. 🍃

Year three are conducting their own research around their chosen topic about climate change, ready to write their journalistic accounts next week. We cannot believe the damage humans are causing to God’s creation! 🌎

As part of our Geography learning, Y6 are analysing data about the use of natural resources across the world! We are thinking about what we can do to stop this dramatic increase to help steward God’s creation!

Our work on Climate Justice is displayed in the Cornbow Centre in Halesowen. Pope Francis’s encyclical on ecology, Laudato Si, says that climate change is real and mainly “a result of human activity.”

Y2 are being Stewards of God Creation in Forest School today! We collected rubbish to protect our forest school animals and appreciated God’s beauty around us.

Today in Pre-School during class worship we learnt about the stewardship of God’s creation trough the bible story of Noah’s Ark.

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon in Forest School spreading the message that Kindness is a Superpower we all have!

Stewardship of God’s Creation in the classrooms