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KS2 Passion Play


What did parents think?


"Excellent performance - very well orchestrated and emotive."


"Fantastic play and fabulously performed by all the students which delivered the Easter message perfectly."


"The play was absolutely amazing!!! First time I have attended and the children should be proud of themselves."


"A beautiful depiction of Holy Week. Well done to all the children and staff. I particularly enjoyed the Y6 seating positions and the way the stations of the cross were represented. Beautiful singing and choice of hymns too."


“What a fantastic performance from the children this morning. It made me reflect deeply and l really did question myself as to what l would have done if l had been there. It brought tears to my eyes. Well done KS2”


“The play was very emotional and the performance from the children was exceptional, powerful singing and well rehearsed lines. WELL DONE to all children and staff involved.”


“It was a beautiful and moving performance, the children were so respectful. I was sat beside the Y5 children and their singing was amazing. Well done everyone!”


“It was absolutely well put together. The children did so well. Well done to all the teachers who relentlessly put this together.”


“Beautiful service.”


“The Passion Play was very moving. Beautiful singing as always ❤”


“Huge Congratulations to everyone involved on elaborating such a special, memorable and very remarkable time to us all on our journey through Lent. Each and every single one of the very talented children did amazing work and let me not forget to "Hugely Thank" the amazing teachers and staff involved on every little detail that goes into this work to make this very emotional and delicate play to become alive for us all to treasure those memories for an eternal life. May Our Dear Lord Bless Each and every single one of you every day.”


“Beautiful performance the children sang lovely remembered all their lines and acted with such passion. I was very proud of my son and found it very emotional.”


“Absolutely amazing delivery, very emotive and such poise and reverence from all of the children. Singing was also amazing especially the boy who sang solo, such bravery!! Well done to all children and teachers”


I couldn't attend personally so my parents attended to represent our family and support my child ~ their feedback was that the passion play 2023 once again was a fabulous success which they thoroughly enjoyed! The singing both collectively and individually was perfection, worthy of a much larger venue! The Lenten message was delivered with reverence and reflection. Really well done to the children, teachers and leadership team 👏”


"All the children were amazing and very respectful. Such an emotional time and makes you really wonder. Massive thank you to all staff and children for all the hard work they put into it."


"Great work"


"What a beautiful passion play x"


"I thought it was excellent. The children were superb and Mr Hyde has a beautiful singing voice."


"What a wonderful production. It was so artistic and well put together. It was like a professional show."


"Excellent performance by the children. Well done. We could tell lots of hard work had gone into preparation. Was made even more special that Nan was able to attend and see both grandsons performances. Making memories for all! Well done OLSK xx"


"Wonderful play, thank you to the school for all the effort."


"Really great show and all of them practice a lot 👏"


"A very moving and beautiful performance. The children are a credit to the school and the hard work of the teachers shone through. Well done and thank you."


"So well organised. Children did an amazing job! Reverent and very touching"


What could be improved?


"Would be great for performances etc. to indicate approx. running time of play so I can plan attendance around work commitments."


"It would have been nice if the parents/grandparents actually paid attention to the board when they came in and actually sat silent. If the children are capable then surely adults are too?"