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SNOW DAY Home Learning

Today's home learning is to........PLAY IN THE SNOW!!!


As we don't get this kind of weather very often, I would like you to have a day of making memories and enjoying the snow. Please see the below activities and if you are unable to go outside in the snow, I will also provide a list of indoor activities that you can do instead:



  • Build a snowman- can you measure how tall/wide your snowman is? You may want to plan your measurements before hand to see if you can fulfil your design brief.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Can you build an igloo or a snow castle? Again, you could plan the measurements for this and design it beforehand.
  • Have a snowball fight (but please be safe and do not throw snowballs at anyone's head or face, at peoples property not at vehicles, especially not moving ones).
  • Create a piece of art in the snow using natural materials such as tree branches, stones etc (but not where anyone will tread on it/trip over it.
  • Go sledging.


Indoor Activities:

  • Can you write a poem about the snow- remember to use the features we have looked at such as fantastic description, alliteration, personification, rhyme and rhythm etc.
  • Write a description of the snow using lots of powerful adjectives and how it makes you feel.
  • Can you create a piece of snow art using any craft items you have in the house e.g. make a snowman using toilet roll tubes and cotton wool/tissue etc or paint a snowy scene.
  • Bake some cookies to enjoy with a hot chocolate whilst you watch a film (only if you have an adult to supervise you.


You can also use this time to work on your EBL Project in preparation for our project day on 28th March, complete your EBL Research for next week, and go onto Hit the Button and the Times Tables Check in the Useful Websites section of our website to practice your times tables.


I would love to see what you get up to today so please feel free to send any photos to and I will upload them to our page so we can all share what we have done.


Whatever you do today, have fun BUT STAY SAFE!!!