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Week 3- Anglo-Saxon Villages 25.01.23 DUE IN 01.02.23

What was it like in an Anglo-Saxon Village and what clothes did they wear? 


  1. What was life like in an Anglo-Saxon village? 
  2. Why did they build villages and what was the layout like in a typical Anglo-Saxon village? 
  3. What were their homes like? 
  4. What jobs did they do and what was the importance of these jobs? 
  5. Would life in the village have run as smoothly if people hadn’t taken on these job roles? 
  6. What clothes did they wear? 
  7. How was life different in an Anglo-Saxon village to our homes, jobs and clothes today? 


Due on Wednesday 1st February 2023 


Useful Websites: 

Anglo Saxon Village Life – part 1 | KS2 History