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Week 3 Spellings and Handwriting 05.05.23 (QUIZ ON 12.05.23)

Due to the Coronation celebrations, our spelling quiz for Week 2 spellings did not take place on 5th May. Therefore, our quiz for these will be on Tuesday 9th May and our Week 3 spelling quiz will go ahead as normal on Friday 12th May.

Please click on the sheet below to see the spellings that you need to practice this week ready for our quiz next Friday 12th May.


I would also like you to use this as handwriting practice. You can either practice your handwriting straight into your homework book or if you prefer you can print the sheet and practice writing on the sheet. There is a copy of the sheet for left handed writers also.


If you would prefer a paper copy of your spellings but do not have access to a printer at home, please let me know straight away.