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Welcome to Year Three for Children

Hello! Welcome to your Year 3 class page. I hope you have had a wonderful summer break and are looking forward to the return to school in September. Please read through this page where hopefully I can answer some of your questions about the exciting world of Year 3!


Who will your teachers be?
Miss Carey – I feel so privileged to be able to teach you again as you begin your KS2 journey! I cannot wait to share with you all your exciting new learning topics and guide you on your sacramental journey.
Mrs Woolls – Our fantastic teaching assistant! Mrs Woolls is looking forward to helping you ease into KS2 and on your sacramental journey!

Miss Homer- Our super teaching assistant! Miss Homer is looking forward to following you on your KS2 journey and is there to support and guide you.
Miss Marson – The wonderful Miss Marson will be teaching you on the days I am not in class.

Mrs Brandrick- We are so lucky that we will have the lovely Mrs Brandrick come to year three to teach you French once a week!

What is expected of me in Year 3?
Year 3 is an exciting new step for you. You are ready to be part of KS2 - and I cannot wait to share this journey with you! It is a new move for both you and I but I am so excited- hopefully you are too! I know with that excitement will also come a few nerves and maybe some anxiety about the expectations of KS2. I will support and guide you every step of the way so that you develop your confidence, independence and thirst for learning. We will work extremely hard- but also have lots and lots of fun too! I want you to be curious, ambitious and support each other so that together, we can create a learning environment full of happy individuals. As you know, in Year 3 we make our First Holy Communion. This will include making the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Together, we will work with you and alongside your parents to guide you on your spiritual journey and use the scheme 'Learning and Growing as People of God’. This is a commitment - this means that we expect you to put 100% effort and more into this special part of your spiritual journey. This will come in many ways - through listening, praying, sharing and working together. We invite every child in Year 3 to be a part of this journey together.


Class Dojo and Minutes

This year, we will continue to use Dojos- each of you have a little monster character and you will earn points from teachers for all of the good and gracious things you do around school. There are lots of opportunities to earn Dojos- for being learnt, faith filled, kind, resilient, completing homework, striving for your best, etc. So, make sure to continue to shine out and be wonderful!

As usual, we will be having Golden Time on a Friday, so if you make the wrong behaviour choices then you will be given minutes off that time. I hope now that you are in KS2, you are sensible enough to make the right choices.


What homework will I get?
Our first Enquiry Based Learning topic this year is Does it matter where we come from? (Counties and Cities in. the UK). This topic is a geography driver. You will be given your first enquiry question the first week back at school. It is a wonderful topic and I know that you will love learning about it whilst discovering lots of fascinating things! You will be given your enquiry question every week with a week to complete it. Remember, if you research at home this will help you learn even more!


Maths/Literacy homework will alternate each week. Week 1 will be Maths, followed by Literacy in week 2, Maths in week 3..etc. Homework will be handed out and to be completed for the following Monday.



EBL homework will be given out every week. You must ensure you complete your research at home and hand it in on the following Wednesday. This can be completed in the back of your homework book.


Spellings will be handed out on Friday and are to be learnt ready for the following Friday, so practise… practise… practise! Maths and literacy homework will be given out on a Friday. Please complete this in the front of your homework book and return for the following Friday. 


Lastly, reading is a crucial part of your learning journey so make sure you are reading daily, being heard read by an adult at home and enjoying a wide range of books. Reading diaries need to be in school every day! I cannot wait to share with you some of my favourite books and authors.


PE, Swimming and Forest School

We will be going swimming every Monday morning. Swimming will last the duration of Autumn Term up until Spring February Half Term. Please remember to wear your PE kit and bring your swimming kit, towel and goggles in your bag.

We will be having PE on a Wednesday as normal so remember to come to school dressed in your PE kit so that you can take part in everything and all things fun!

Mrs Morris will also be taking us out for forest school every few weeks and I know that she has got lots of exciting activities planned.


I cannot wait to welcome you to the wonderful world of Year 3 and guide you on your spiritual journey. An exciting year lies ahead!


Miss Carey :)