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Our Spring Learning Journey

Today, Mrs Ray taught us all about Baptism - we dressed up and acted out the special day🥼👗 We talked about Jesus being Baptised and shared our photos from when we were Baptised 💕

Congratulations Golden Book children! 🏆

Exploring our dinosaur activities

Today we went for a nature walk and found an egg on the adventure playground! We decided it was so big, it must be a big animal… could it be a dinosaur egg? 🦕🥚

Having fun in PE, balancing bean bags on different parts of our body!

In maths we continued learning about capacity and were comparing containers using mathematical language such as most, least, smallest and largest 🪣

We had great fun building a dinosaur den in our classroom!!

Flappers and Pantosaurus march

In RE we setup the prayer table today and performed the story of Three Wise Men.

This week we have been learning about our teeth how to keep them happy and healthy.

We had so much fun exploring how much liquid we could fit into different containers, full, half full and empty!