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Summer 1

Who holds the power for change?

Through enquiry learning, children will use varying skills from history, science and literacy to explore the question ‘Who holds the power for change?’

They will study this through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, looking at ‘Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers’ and through studying the ancient Kingdom of Benin

Children will build their awareness of colonisation and how individuals can contribute to society as a whole.



Children will build on their prior learning of how different empires and kingdoms come to be.

They will look at the ancient kingdom of Benin; how it was founded and its downfall. They will consider the social history of colonisation and the impact that individuals can have on a whole society.

Children will work to answer the question ‘Who holds the power for change?’ They will understand how each of us has the power to change the world we live in and will look at practical ways in which we can do this.