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Hello and welcome to Year 5! I'm so glad that you're here and cannot wait for all the fun we're going to have this year! I'm sure that you have lots of questions about starting Y5 so hopefully I can answer some of those now.


Which teachers will I have?


  • Me- Mr Hyde! I know lots of you already from around school and after school clubs and I can't wait to meet you all properly in September!
  • Miss Moran- Most of you have met Miss Moran who is new to our school and we are really lucky that she will be our teaching assistant this year!
  • Mrs Sterling- On Thursday mornings, you will have Mrs Sterling and she will teach French as she does now


What is it like to be a child in Y5?


First of all, it's full of fun! As you will already know, Y5 do lots of exciting things throughout the year, including the Hagley Pyramid Concert! As well as that, Y5 help out a lot around school- we do all the jobs that Y6 are too busy to do! This means that as a member of Y5, you must be responsible, independent and a role model to the younger children in school. You are getting more grown up now and will be going to high school in a couple of years! This means you need to be responsible for remembering your own things like PE kits- your parents don't need to do everything for you! 


Class Dojo and Minutes


This year we are still using Dojo points in class and I'm sure that you're all desperate to be on that bouncy castle next year! So you must make sure you are shining out and making the right choices to win points for your house!


As usual, we will be having Golden Time on a Friday, so if you make the wrong behaviour choices then you will be given minutes off that time. I hope that now you are Y5, you are sensible enough to make the right choices so that I won't be needing minutes! 


What homework will I get?


Our first Enquiry Based Learning topic this year is all about Ancient Greece! I know that you will love learning about it and will find out lots of amazing things! You will have a week to do your research- make sure that this is done so that you are ready for the lesson!

You will also have maths homework and spellings every week and you will get a whole week for these too! If you lose your homework- please come and ask me before the day its due so I can get you a new sheet.


PE, Swimming and Forest School


We will be having PE on a Wednesday as normal and we will also be going swimming later on in the year at Haden Hill!


Mrs Morris will also be taking us out for forest school every few weeks and I know that she has got lots of exciting activities planned!


Make sure you remember whichever kit you need for the right day so that you can take part in everything!


The Hagley Pyramid Concert!


Lots of you will have older brothers and sisters who have taken part in the Hagley Pyramid Concert over the years. Mr Mallinson will be joining us from Hagley and he is great fun. Even if you don't usually enjoy singing, I can guarantee that you will love our lessons with Mr M and performing at the Birmingham Town Hall! Our theme this year is Brit Pop and we will start learning songs on the very first week back.


Thank you for reading- I hope some of your questions are answered- if not I will try my best to answer them when we are back.


I cannot wait for our adventure to start in September and I'm so excited to teach you all!


Mr Hyde :)