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Dear Parents,


This week, we will be covering our RSHE lesson on Life Cycles. All teaching of this topic adheres to the teachings and values of our Catholic Faith. In this session, pupils will explore the miraculous nature of human conception and birth. With the underpinning knowledge that we were handmade by God with our parents’ help, children will go on a journey to discover how life is created in the womb. Sexual intercourse IS NOT discussed in this session.

Children will learn: that they were handmade by God with the help of their parents, how a baby grows and develops in its mother’s womb including, scientifically, the uniqueness of the moment of conception and how conception and life in the womb fits into the cycle of life. This will include the main stages of development of a baby, including: Conception (sperm meeting the egg), Implantation (the egg finding its home in the womb lining), Embryo (growing fertilised egg is called this until 8 weeks), Foetus (growing fertilised egg is called this after 8 weeks), Birth.

By the end of the session children will be able to discuss the stages of life before birth, will have a better knowledge of technical terms related to life before birth and engage in a time of prayerful reflection. 


There is a link for you to view the lesson content and resources that we will be using. Thank you!

Mrs Smith