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Week 5- Rivers in the Black Country 18.05.23 DUE IN 25.05.23

Which rivers run through the Black Country and why are they important? 

  1. What are the different elements of a river? 
  2. Which rivers run through the Black Country?  
  3. Where do they begin?  
  4. Where do they end?  
  5. What is their course? 
  6. How do rivers play an important part in the development of towns and villages over time? 
  7. Reflect, in your opinion what impact have rivers had on our own locality? 


The points above are just starting points. Please expand on you research for each point. We would normally expect children to be able to write 1-2 A4 sides of quality research at this point in Year 4. 


Due on Thursday 25th May 2023