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RWI Parent Meeting


What did parents think?


"Great to get a clear understanding of the teaching methods and plans for KS 1 and beyond. The passion and zest Mrs Turner has for education was clear to see and it was lovely to meet her. I look forward to my daughter having the new books and helping her on her journey and to attending the parents evening and workshop. Thank you 🙂"


"The information about what my daughter will be learning now that she is in Reception, having come up from pre - school. The tips on where to find the RWI clips to watch and the information about the progression of the scheme."


"How we can communicate language and phonics better with the children and being on the same page and up to date with their learning. We have started phonics at home and my child is already doing very well."


"Presentation of books my kids are going to be using when learning reading. Mentioning how important dads role is when it comes to reading."


"Nice to have the learning explained to us so that we are all singing off the same hymn sheet."


"The phonics are taught differently to how I was taught at school but now I understand how to assist my child in her learning."


"Mrs Turner mentioned another upcoming workshop where we will get to see RWI in action and work with our children, which will be great!"


What could be improved?


"To ask parents to leave babies/toddlers at home. It was very distracting."


"Any recommendation on additional books to buy for kids to support their reading journey would be very helpful."