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Dance through the decades


What did parents think?


"Absolutely loved it!! All the classes performed so well. Cheered me up so much. Thank you to all the pupils and staff at OLSK for making me feel happy."


"Absolutely brilliant show. The effort the children made was fantastic and they all looked fabulous. Some of the moves were very complex and the children performed them amazingly. YR looked very special in their sequins and sweatbands. Well done children and Miss Shepherd!"


"All the children did brilliantly and the performance was thoroughly enjoyed. As a parent is was lovely to be able to enjoy celebrating the jubilee with all the children and staff."


"All were absolutely brilliant, it was so nice to be see so many people there too, having this year be the first that covid hasn’t affected since my child starting the school it was great to be able to at the performance"


"This morning’s performance has made my day! I absolutely love seeing the school as a whole enjoying life!! Well done OLSK!! 👏🏼"


"Brilliant show and children have spent time and effort to practice, very enjoyable. Also, we all have chance to go thru different decades of dances and music, meaning a lot to us as an adult,too. A lot of good memories pop up.. haha, Really appreciate Miss Shepherd music arrangement !"


"Awesome to able to come into school to see the children all enjoying themselves. Hat's off to the staff who work hard to organise. They deserve a good rest 😊"


"Absolutely amazing. You could see children and staff put a lot of hard work into rehearsing. Well done to all"


"What a completely joyful and utterly uplifting experience the dance performances all were. Thank you so much to Miss Shepherd, her enthusiasm and passion for dance really has inspired and captivated the children to produce wonderful happy confident performances, They clearly loved putting on the show as much as we all did watching it!"


"Absolutely brilliant. So nice to be able to come back to an event at school and feel a sense of community. The children were all fabulous and a massive well done to the staff for all of their hard work in putting it together.!"


"It was a very well organised event- thank you to all the staff, who we know work very hard to give our children the very best. The children were so wonderful and it’s lovely to see pre school totally involved with whole school events. We hope the staff have a wonderful week of rest."


"Absolutely amazing! So well organised and the children did a fantastic job! Our daughter  is in Pre-school and it meant the world to us that we could come and watch today. Such hard working staff and happy children. I feel extremely proud to say that my daughter is a pupil at OLSK."