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Week 1- Solidarity & the Common Good 11.01.23 DUE IN 18.01.23

Next week is our Catholic Social Teaching week focused on the theme- Solidarity & the Common Good. Therefore, our EBL question will be focused on this theme instead of our Anglo-Saxons topic.  


Which people are an example of solidarity and have worked towards the common good? 


  1. What is the definition of solidarity? 
  2. What is the definition of ‘Common Good’? 
  3. Choose one person who has made a significant difference for the common good in our world or who has shown solidarity to others. Research information about the work that they have done and explain how this has shown solidarity or worked towards the common good. 


You can choose your own or you can choose one of the individuals from the list of suggestions below: 


Marcus Rashford              Malala Yousafzai                 Greta Thunberg 


Martin Luther King            Rosa Parks                       Mother Teresa 


                               Nelson Mandela 



Due on Wednesday 18th January 2023