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Spring 2

Can we all adapt to adverse circumstances?





Our question for this half term of 'Can we all adapt to adverse circumstances?' will be explored through the Catholic Social Teaching lense of Option for the Poor and Vulnerable, across the curriculum.

In EBL we will explore this through being geographers. We will be building upon our prior learning from KS1 where we explored key physical geography, locating hot and cold areas of the world to identifying the countries which pass through the equator; deepening our geography skills. Children will research the position and the significance of latitude and longitude, noting that each degree of latitude are equal and that longitude are not equal. By looking at the features of the polar regions in contrast to the UK, children will make comparisons between the day light hours in Halesowen compared to the Artic Circle. In turn, we will carry out research on the different time zones throughout the world and why they occur.

The children will use this knowledge at the end of the unit to analyse a 2 primary sourced images, making connections and noting contrasts in two different geographical continents. Children will be encourage to share their own ideas or experiences throughout this term, continually building upon our skills and knowledge. Therefore, our 'Golden Nuggets' of knowledge will be embedded in our long-term memories.