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RWI Parent Meeting


Thank-you to all of the parents who were able to join Mrs Turner for the Read, Write Inc Parent Meeting. Whether it is all brand new to you, or you came for a refresher, we appreciate you giving up your time to find out how you can support your child with their Literacy skills.


What did parents think of the meeting?


'It was good to gain knowledge that Read Write Inc goes through the school. When preschool start learning phonics.'


'It was useful to know about pure sounds. Information about the three reads. Comments to put in the diary RWI resources.'


'Great refresh session! We were also shown where to find the links for the different resources which we can use at home.'


'The meeting gave me a clue how to support my son in his learning journey'


'Thank you for the meeting, very informative.'


'Mrs T is always a friendly, welcoming face'


'Mrs Turner is very enthusiastic and is open to answering any questions in a comfortable environment. I love that my daughters are involved in RWI. Thank you for a great session!'


'Thank you for organising such a helpful meetings for parents.'


'Mrs Turner was very welcoming, it was good to have a refresh of how phonics is taught in OLSK.'



Any suggestions for future sessions?


'Writing workshops for Year 1'


'No, as Mrs Turner explained that there will be further workshops with the children involved.'