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Ingestre Hall Residential

Parents, I know you will join me in saying a huge ‘Thank You’ to our amazing staff, who gave up their family time, to ensure our children from Y4, Y5 & Y6, experience fabulous opportunities through our Performing Arts Curriculum, by visiting Ingestre Hall in Staffordshire.

All 65 children had the opportunity to specialise in an art form of their choice: art, music, dance, music & film making. The children produced some amazing pieces, which they presented to their peers and shared with our whole school community on our Website! Wow! What fantastic talented children we have among us!

What a privilege it is to watch you grow in confidence, using your God given talents, to bring out the best in yourself & others around you! Thank you to all the staff & children for being great ambassadors for our school. 💕😊💕

Inspirational Quotes

Ingestre Arts at Ingestre Hall is recognised as a national centre of excellence where children and young people are inspired to achieve their full potential in an aspirational environment, and where creativity and sense of self is valued and encouraged to blossom.


Children have the chance to imagine, create, and explore a topic... it’s all about trying new things and creating something original. It’s for everybody. 


Every year we take Y4 and Y5 to experience 2 nights away from home at the residential.  From 2019 we opened it up to Y6 as well because the children who had visited, had enjoyed their experience so much, that they wanted to go again!

Children get to choose a medium which they would like to specialise in whilst they are at the hall.  It could be music, art, dance, drama or film making. Once there, they spend the time creating a final piece which will be showcased to the rest of the group on the final day before leaving.


The facilities there are second to none and the children have access to the most up-to-date equipment, guided by a specialist in that field.