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Information and links have been pasted below and can be found on the EPE Facebook page -  Please share with your school community if you think they could be helpful. 

EPE Workshops 

**ONLINE WORKSHOPS - Understanding Sensory Processing and Supporting Children's Sleep**

We are pleased to announce that we will be running another two workshops soon - we have had great feedback for our previous sessions and hope you might fancy joining us for these ones too!

On Wednesday 2nd December we will be holding our "Understanding Sensory Processing" workshop - this aims to help you increase your understanding of how the information we receive through our senses affects our mood, behaviour, concentration and more.

And on Wednesday 16th December we will be holding our "Supporting Children's Sleep" workshop - this aims to increase your understanding of the science of sleep and how we can support our brains and bodies in getting more restful nights.

Both workshops start at 7pm and are packed full of information, practical tools and ideas and will also be followed by an interactive Q & A session.

Tickets for the workshops are just £5 per household and can be purchased via the links above.