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What did Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus achieve?

Through this enquiry question, as historians we will be investigating the lives of these significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. We will also explore how aspects of life during these different periods have changed and how this contrasts with our culture in society today. The events that these individuals took part in (which were beyond our living memory) will be explored and we will investigate how they impacted people nationally and globally!We will gather all of our information using a range of different sources and will investigate where each person and event fits on a timeline. 


We will also be geographers in this enquiry question by using use world maps, atlases and globes and compass directions to look at the voyages of Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart, investigate geographical similarities and differences between the UK and 'New World' Christopher Columbus discovered and will name and locate the oceans he travelled across.