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Today was our amazing project day all about the Ancient Maya! We have learnt so much!

Today we posted our letters to a local care home to spread hope this Advent!

Today we visited Hagley High school and had the chance to take part in a science experiment, make pizzas and monoprint postcards in art!

Today we made quesadillas inspired by Mexico- linked to our EBL topic! We also researched how far the ingredients travelled and how the are nutritious for our bodies

In EBL today we are researching natural disasters caused by climate change and finding out where in the world it happened

This week is our Catholic Social Teaching week all about Stewardship of God’s Creation. Today we researched animals that are affected by climate change and wrote letters to the human race from their point of view.

Our amazing head boy and girl speeches today, our teachers are so proud of us!

The first part of our remembrance themed art day, making the bases of our poppy sculptures from clay.

Our amazing Brilliant Beginning where we got to see Ancient Maya through virtual reality headsets!

Our first tag rugby lesson, learning to pass the ball correctly

Today, we visited our Mother Church- Saint Chad’s. We learnt so much about the history of the cathedral and participated in Mass.

Our first PE lesson!

Today we celebrated Our Lady’s birthday if our special Catholic social teaching week: Family and Community

Year 6 enjoying some ERIC time this afternoon in the sun ☀️

Our first lesson dedicated to our Catholic Social Teaching: Mary, Family and Community. We thought about the challenges Mary would have faced in her life and thought about gender inequality in the 21st century.