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KS2 Passion Play


What did parents think?


"The children were an absolute credit. The work the staff put in paid off. Beautiful, respectful and a joy to watch our wonderful children."


"It was amazing! Brilliantly put together and the children were wonderful! Very proud that my daughter attends this school!"


"The children presented the passion play so reverently and respectfully. It was a privilege to share such a wonderful moment. It was a really moving performance. Thank you!"


"I thought the play was excellent and the children were all fantastic. Well done to all the kids and staff. You can see the hard work that went in to the production. Splendid!"


"WOW ! I just want to say well done to KS2. I really enjoyed watching the play. I think if you were allowed to show it on the BBC One on Easter Sunday a lot of people will love it. WELL DONE !"


"It is clear to see the Children have worked immensely hard to deliver such a beautiful, thought provoking and emotional service. The children were so reverent and respectful with their delivery. It was a true privilege to be able to attend and the performance has had a lasting impact upon my day. Many thanks to the staff who have enabled this play to be delivered successfully with their support and hard work. Thank you again to the Children and Staff at OLSK."


"It was very different to anything I’ve seen, but with that said I felt the children really embraced it with complete respect and delivered. Excellent effort from all the children and everyone who helped bring it together."


"I really enjoyed the performance and thought it was very good indeed. The singing was amazing and i especially enjoyed the stations of the cross part with the children moving between the different quadrants of the cross. Congratulations to all!"


"The children, as always, were wonderful. It was abundantly clear that time and effort had gone into the preparation for the end result. Thank you children and staff for making it a memorable experience, especially as this will be our last Passion Play following a number of years attending this school. A job well done."


"This was my very first time attending to the KS2 Passion Play, I can honestly say it was astonishingly well tailored. The details, the hard work put in by everyone, how well the story was delivered to everyone. A very emotional and special play to be part of. Thank you to everyone who worked so very hard to shared this amazing Play with us all ,on our very important Lent Journey . May Our Lord Bless you All.


What could be improved?


"I was quite disappointed to see all parents bar the odd two or three, actually having loud conversations before the children came in even though it stated on the screen to sit in silence. It felt like they were not being very respectful or setting an example to the children."