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Autumn 1

Family and Community- Does it matter where we come from?

Our question for this term of ‘Does it matter where we come from?’ will be explored through the Catholic Social Teaching lens of Family and Community across the curriculum.


In EBL we explore this through being geographers. We will be studying the counties and countries of the United Kingdom with our question at the forefront of our mind. We will develop our geographical skills by using maps and atlases to help us identify counties, countries and topographical features of the UK. As geographers we will explore the human and physical geography of an area within the UK and look at the impact this may have on families and communities within the area. We will learn about the types of settlement, land use, economic activity and distribution of natural resources in the UK. We will compare different areas and explore opportunities and resources within those areas. The children will use all of this knowledge to complete a piece of writing based on the journey of a refugee who has settled in the UK. They will be able to depict why they have settled in the UK and will be able to use geographical vocabulary learned from the topic.


Children will also be encouraged to share their own ideas or experiences throughout this, allowing them to build curious minds. Throughout this study we will be continually building upon our skills and knowledge. Therefore, our ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge will be embedded in our long-term memories!