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Safeguarding at OLSK


We are committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of all of our children.


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Christine Finnegan Headteacher

Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Anna Turner Deputy Head

Deputy Safeguarding leads are: Mrs Mitchell and Miss Marshall

Chair of Governors: Mr Pete Johnson

OLSK School Governor with responsibility for

 Safeguarding is Mr Paul Hodgetts 



Parent and carers guide to live streaming

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Thinkuknow. Parent and carers guide to sharing images (Primary)

This video looks at why children like sharing pictures and videos, what the risks are, and what parents and carers can do to help their child share safely.

There have been recent safeguarding alerts in the media for a number of online sites and games that can affect our children. 


In school we have strict procedures in place to ensure that children are not able to access any of the sites but we urge parents to check the parental settings on any devices that children have access to. 


Below are a number guides for parents to help navigate social media and keep children safe online.

Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families has a role to play in safeguarding children. School and college staff are particularly important as they are in 
a position to identify concerns early and provide help for children, to prevent concerns 
from escalating. Schools and colleges and their staff form part of the wider safeguarding 
system for children. This system is described in statutory guidance Working Together to 
Safeguard Children 2015.

Schools and colleges should work with social care, the police, health services and other services to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. 

Each school and college should have a designated safeguarding lead who will 
provide support to staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties and who will liaise 
closely with other services such as children’s social care.

HMI Inspection- Safeguarding, Behaviour and Welfare 2015

Snap Chat advice for Parents