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Languages at OLSK

At OLSK we want our children to be active and enthusiastic in their language learning.  We encourage them to use their language skills to communicate with others in practical situations and to discover more about life and people in other countries.


Our language teaching focuses on French but we also embrace and celebrate the languages spoken within our school community.  Our children are taking their first steps on a language adventure; we want to inspire them and equip them with the language skills they need to take them to whatever destination they choose.

KS2 French Curriculum 2020-21

EYFS and KS1 Language Day - November 20th 2020 
EYFS and KS1 celebrated their language day in style by dressing in the colours of the French or Spanish flag, learning to say 'hello' and to introduce themselves in a new language, trying some new foods and taking part in lots of fun activities. 
Super Spanish in Year 1
Fabulous French in Nursery and Reception Class

KS2 Languages Day - November 2020

Children in KS2 had an amazing Languages Day where they learned how to greet people, give their name and ask for food in another language.  Year 3 went on a virtual day trip to Paris, Years 4 and 6 found out about Germany and tried some German food and Year 5 had a Samba party and learned about Brazil and its language, Portuguese.  Have a look at some of the exciting activities that we took part in:

Year 3 - Our day in Paris. 
Year 4 - Discovering Germany
Year 5 - Samba Party in Brazil
Year 6 - Discovering Germany

Year 1 and 2 Spanish Day October 2019

Year 3 and 4 Polish Day 2019

French Café at OLSK


We have great fun learning a new language.

Follow the link and have lots of fun...