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How has fire impacted people’s lives?

In this history driver we will be exploring the history and geography curriculum through the impact fire has had on people’s lives in the past and how this has affected us in the present day. As historians, we will begin to develop chronologically secure knowledge and an understanding of British, local and world history.


We will explore different aspects of our topic throughout the autumn term. Starting with a simple question we will explore ‘What is fire?’. This will allow us to make many curriculum links to the topic. We will look at fire across different historical periods starting with ‘When did fire begin?’ and progressing to historical events that have involved significant fires. In depth, we will explore the history of The Great Fire of London and how this may have impacted us today. Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night is a significant event in history and something we still celebrate today, and we will explore why.


We will also really start to develop our geographical skills by using maps and atlases when exploring wildfires around the world. We will locate countries and continents of where wildfires have happened and explore the different climates and how this may have affected the wildfire.


Children will also be encouraged to share their own ideas or experiences throughout this, allowing them to build curious minds. Throughout this study we will be continually building upon our skills and knowledge. Therefore, our ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge will be embedded in our long-term memories!