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Y6 Parents 2023


We sent our Y6 parent an exit questionnaire to ask them their final thoughts about their time at OLSK



Why did you choose OLSK as the school for your child?


'Catholic values'


'As it's catholic school'


'Catholic and my sisters attended OLSK and loved their years there'


'Oldest daughter was there. Chose the school originally for its reputation and head at the time'


'Under the catchment area and Catholic school'


'We liked the values that OLSK had when we went to the open day.'




What has been the best thing for you about sending your child to OLSK?


'The many opportunities given to her flourish and grow into the wonderful person she is today.'


'We knew he would be looked after very well'


'The values my child has learnt and the friendships and memories he has made'




'With love and safe place'


'Our daughter always seemed happy to go to school. We never had any issues with her going to school. She was given support through difficult times, like when I needed hospital treatment & when I lost my mum & I will be forever grateful'




How does our school 'feel'? How does it make you feel?


'I feel blessed to have my daughter at OLSK.'


'Can't say a bad word about school, teachers and methods of teaching, whenever we had any issues the school was always helpful, clear communication with teachers'




'Controlled by the head teacher. I don’t like how the school makes me feel'


'It makes me feel a safe, secure place and with love and nice staff team teaching my son and be a confident child'


'It's a happy place. Always making us feel comfortable & all the staff were very welcoming.'




How has being at OLSK helped your child develop?


'It's not only helped her grow academically but spiritually and socially. A good foundation has been laid that will now take her through life.'


'He made a great progress, made some friends and got to know how to cope with others'


'My son has always been a confident caring and loving boy even from a toddler and these characteristics have only become stronger'


'She’s educated'


'Meet a new friends in a strange place for him when he was new in this country and built his confidence and friendships'


'Her confidence has grown.'




How has sending your child to a Catholic school made a difference?


'She is very aware of God's love therefore also aware of how she should care and love others and the world around her. She learnt values, kindness, generosity, morals etc that l pray she will impart everywhere she will go.'


'So happy he was able to attend First Holy Communion and Confirmation while at school, learnt so much about being Catholic'


'Learning respect and being responsible in younger life taking pride in everything'


'She understands the importance of our religion'


'With more love and kind to others'


'Our child was always going to go to a Catholic school. The Catholic faith is important to us & I wanted my child to be in a school that has values & help guide her through the important years that the Catholic faith has'




How would you describe the staff at OLSK?


'Always willing to help and supportive'


'Lovely, helpful always there for school kids and parents'


'Caring and dedicated'


'Under pressure but most teachers are great'


'Nice, helpful and with smiles all the time'


'Lovely, kind, friendly & always willing to help us.'




Which High School is your child going to and what made you choose that High School?


'She is going to St Paul's School for Girls. I chose the school for its high standards for girls and continued Catholic teaching.'


'Hagley Catholic High School, we wanted our son to attend Catholic school'


'Hagley Catholic High School'


'Hagley, older sibling goes there'


'Windsor as his brother goes there'


'St Paul's Girls school. It was her decision & it was important to us that it was her who decided where she wanted to go after visiting another High school. I went to St Paul's so I hope she'll be as happy as I was.'




If you were a Governor, what would you do to make our school even better?


'Find ways of getting more funding for the school to offer more outdoor activities.'


'Can't moan about anything, the only thing I would suggest would be letting kids wear Polo t-shirts instead of shirts during heatwaves and during project days assuring kids that it's their work that matters, not their parents, and sending awkward and childish projects to library too, not only the perfect ones'


'Looking at projects and general workshops to be after school hours'


'Change the head and get an outstanding Ofsted grade!'


'If able, add some different after school club activities or some with free'


'I don't know to be honest as we haven't at any issues with OLSK. In Y6, she was so excited about getting more responsibilities but she felt she wasn't given as much as she thought she'd have, she felt other leaders from other groups were given a lot more.'




What will you miss about OLSK?


'I am still there for 2 more years so thankfully not at the end of our journey yet.'


'Small community, catching up with parents on the daily basis, meeting teachers'


'I will miss the memories of all his first milestones through out primary school'




'Miss all the loving and caring staff team and some parents as well.'


'The support & the happiness we had every day knowing we were sending our daughter off in the morning somewhere she would be safe & happy. All of the staff we have had the pleasure in meeting have been lovely & the past 6 years have given us lots of happy memories.'