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Message from Mrs F

Hello my lovelies,


We hope you are all keeping well during these times when many schools have closed and we have to stay at home for long periods of time. Life may feel very different at the moment; you are spending more time at home than in school and you cannot meet your friends or play out- remember that little word that Miss Meese taught us in Assembly, about not being able to do things 'yet!' Well, hold onto that thought, because whilst we cannot meet our friends or play outside...not YET, hopefully we will be able to soon.


We are missing all your lovely, smiley faces; school is extremely quiet without you all in it; hopefully we can all be back together very soon, our wonderful OLSK family; when this nasty virus goes away. 


We hope you are enjoying all the activities on the Home Learning page of the school website; staff are constantly updating it for you; please keep learning...remember my rhyme....The more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the more you grow! 


Keep following us on Twitter too; let us know what you are up to; send us some pictures of what you are doing. #loveolsk 


We are keeping you all in our prayers. Stay at home! Stay Safe!

God Bless, love from Mrs F xxxxxxxxxxx