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Message from Fr Jonathan at the Arch Diocese of Birmingham

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A Message from Fr Jonathan


During Eastertide we rejoice in the promise of the Risen Christ to stay with us until the end of time. This promise takes on a special significance this year as we live through the consequences of the pandemic, the isolation it has brought to many, sickness and suffering and the disturbance to the pattern of our everyday life. As Catholic schools we so often speak of Christ at the Centre, or Christ at the heart of our school community. The times in which we now live prompt us to be more aware of this reality. In Jesus we discover love and life that is stronger than suffering and death, and a hope that can enlighten the darkest moments of our lives and experience of the world. It is the Risen Lord that we turn to with humility and confidence at this time. This truly makes sense of our belief of Christ being at the heart of our lives.


The appearances of Jesus after his resurrection instil fresh hope into the lives of his disciples and friends. The promise and gift of the Holy Spirit inspires and transforms their lives to be living witnesses of his resurrection and the gift of everlasting life. This hope has been poured into our lives by our Baptism and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It enables us to be living witnesses and carriers of hope in our word today, summoning us to be missionary disciples who make Christ known by word and deed. At this time the work of all schools has dramatically changed, and we still don’t know what the immediate future looks like or when we will be able to resume our work together. In these challenging circumstances we ask Our Lord to strengthen our faith in his presence with us through prayer and our common concern for one another. We ask for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide our words and action at this time for the children and families in our care, as well as preparing for the time when we will be able to live and work together as Catholic school communities.


With prayers and good wishes for Eastertide.