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Science fair Spring 2016

Well, once again the pupils and parents of OLSK have proven to be super scientists, driving our passion for creating curiosity, by taking part in out whole school science Fair.  We had entries from across all year groups, from year 1 right up to year 6!


 The projects were based upon investigation carried out by the children at home, starting with their own question, followed by a hypothesis, practical, results write up and evaluation.  The standard was phenomenally high and I feel so proud that we are blesses to work with such enthusiastic and talented children (and parents!)


 From erupting volcanoes to the science behind the colour spectrum, every aspect of science was covered by these children, showing particular interests in physics, chemistry and biology. I hope this enthusiasm continues as the children grow up, and maybe one day we could be looking in the eyes of our future Einstein generation. WOW!