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Locking gates on the gulley!

I am aware that many have you have taken to social media to express your concerns about the possibility of the gates on the gulley being locked, due to antisocial behaviour & extreme vandalism to the Yemeni Centre. 

I want to assure you that I & the Governors have been involved with this issue for the last twelve months & have been in discussion with the local councillors, Dudley Council & the Yemini Centre, during my holidays to try and come to some sort of agreement about opening the gates for parents to access the route into school. 

Please don’t take to social media to vent your anger about what you think I am or am not doing about this; this is not the platform for such discussions; it is unprofessional & unwelcome. 

If I hear any more regarding the issue about the gates, I will inform you immediately. 

From Mrs Finnegan