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Look who's been bringing out the best for the benefit of others!

Our very own superstars Laura & Katie, joined 36 other girls, who had at least 8 inches of their hair cut off to donate to The Little Princess Hair Trust, to make wigs for children who have lost theirs due to cancer treatments. Wow! So brave!
The girls were treated like princesses for the afternoon with a horse and carriage ride, red carpet and lots of other treats for giving their hair. They have also worked hard over the past few months raising money through cake sales, sponsorships, lucky squares and the girls have made and sold pom-pom pets (they raised £20 doing this). Overall they made just over £500 and the money is still trickling in! The donation page will still be available for the next few months, should you wish to make a donation.
Laura & Katie were filmed for the occasion and were also on "Midlands Today" on Sunday. The charity Matt's Mission made £16,000 from this event alone, which will go towards helping grant wishes and providing adapted holidays for children with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.


What a wonderful way to show Witness to their Faith- well done girls, we are so proud of you! Your new hair styles look fab-u-lous!