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Complaint about parking!

What a shame that after such a lovely start to the week with our children returning yesterday we have now received a complaint from the residents of Otterbourne Court about some of our parents and their inconsiderate parking up Bundle Hill dropping children off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon.


I know that this is a small minority but the reputation of our school and ALL of its parents is being tarnished by a small number of selfish parents. No-one should be parking on Bundle Hill apart from residents.  All car-parks in Halesowen are free to park in for up to 2 hours.


We are totally embarrassed to be told by a local resident, that parents had abused them verbally, when asked to move their van/car from blocking their drive and the kerbsides around the entrance to the houses and the garages by the flats. This is not what we expect from a parent who chooses a Catholic school for their children. Much of Bundle Hill is PRIVATE LAND and residents have the right to challenge people who park without any thought for others. How would you like to have people blocking the entrances to your homes! We're sure that you would object too!


We advise all parents to read the ‘ParkSafe’ scheme on the Newsletters area that was introduced by the Dudley Neighbourhood Policing Unit.  Details have been given to the local residents and along with us, we will report any parent/carer who illegally or irresponsibly parks to the police, which may result in a fixed penalty notice and or court action.


We are teaching our children to treat others with respect, tolerance and love and we hope that you, as parents, are doing the same through your actions. We urge you all to work with us on this. Children will learn by following your actions, make them the right ones!