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Y6 have written some prayers for our first Mass of the new school year!

  1. For the Church, give our Holy Father Pope Francis the strength, wisdom and courage to make the right decisions for the Church. We hope he will be our Good Shepherd and guide us in the best way he can.
  2. For our school community, God chose Mary for a special purpose, he chose us too. Give us the courage and strength to do God’s work in our own community as we work hard to bring out the best in everyone for the benefit of all in the Spirit of Christ.
    Lord hear us 
  3. For all pupils starting the new journey in their new year. We think of the new children in reception entering our school family and look forward to guiding them on their spiritual journey. May God confirm his faith and trust in us as the future leaders of the Church as we confirm our faith, trust and commitment to Him.
    Lord hear us
  4. For the sick, Jesus understands what it is like to suffer so we ask him to send his healing hand to be with everyone who is not well at this time. We think especially of members of our community who are ill. May the Lord be with them and their families and bring comfort into their lives.
    Lord hear us
  5. For those who have died. May they be at eternal peace in the holy presence of God our father. We ask the Holy Spirit to comfort family members and friends who are left behind here on Earth. May we one day be reunited in paradise. 
    Lord hear us
  6. God trusted Mary with his only son Jesus. We now trust her with our special intentions as we praise her and say ‘Hail Mary full of Grace…