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We are part of the Halesowen Learning Community

Halesowen Teaching and Learning Community

Agreed Protocol for Halesowen Township Learning Community (HTLC)


Our Philosophy


Inspiring, innovating, challenging within a climate of inclusive and mutual support,

developing outstanding leading and learning with all of our school leaders.


Belonging, collaborating, learning together and sharing best practice, developing outstanding teaching and learning with all of our teachers.


Enriching, enhancing, sharing positive learning opportunities and experiences, leading to

outstanding teaching and learning for all of our children.


Remit of the steering group:

Look after finances

Ensure we achieve our objectives

Set the dates of meetings

Set the agendas

Set the agenda for the June conference

Set HTLC dates for the year in July


All Halesowen schools can participate in HTLC but must pay fees

Network learning programme and events to be led by school needs, national picture and

reviewed by steering group.