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URGENT ADVICE-Please read the following information- Keeping our children safe on the internet

Although we are very thorough in our teaching of internet safety, we are very aware that not all our children put this into practice when using the internet with their friends! In this digital world, where everyone is using the internet to either communicate with friends & family, store pictures & videos etc...if it is used sensibly, it can be a wonderful tool to use! However, the minute you stop using it sensibly, that's when you can get yourself into all sorts of bother and put yourself and other at risk of serious harm! 


Many of our children have received wonderful new electronic gifts for Christmas; but parents, I urge you to talk to your child about staying safe on the internet- it can be a very dangerous place, for young children to enter... please follow the link  for more advice...


or see the Useful Links websites, in the Parents section of our website!