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1. Why can’t I book single days or half days?

The safety of your children is our number one priority. We will therefore only permit full-week bookings over the summer holidays. This means that bookings will only be open for children aged 5 -11. The government guidance outlines that group sizes must stay at a maximum of 15 children per group, and that the groups must stay consistent. This means that we cannot open up our day booking as this will increase the number of children coming into the bubble during the week. We are doing this to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections. RB Sports Activities are one of the only Ofsted registered children’s activity childcare providers in the region and have created a six-step strategy in line with current government guidance



2. What activities will my children be doing at RB Sports Activity Camps?

Activities at RB Sports Activity Camps will remain fun and engaging. In line with government guidance, any tag or competitive invasion type games will not be permitted. All of our activities will be delivered with no or limited equipment. Examples include but aren’t limited to athletics, tri-golf, tennis, cricket and gymnastics. Our team will ensure good cleaning practice is in place and follow our new procedures for every session that is delivered.



3. How do I know my child will be safe at RB Sports Activity Camps?

As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, we are used to following and implementing stringent policies and procedures. Our existing policies and procedures have been reviewed and updated to include COVID-19 practices. RB Sports Educators will complete all necessary training prior to the summer holidays and current government guidelines will be adhered to. Good cleaning practices will be encouraged throughout the day and children will remain in their bubble with the same coaches across a full week.



4. Why aren’t all the activity camps running?

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attending, RB Sports Activity Camps will not be running all our sport camps over the summer. We have worked with our venues to ensure your child will be safe and have planned to use the facilities in line with the current capacity that we deem to be safe at each venue. As a result, we will run our ever-popular multi-sports camp which includes activities for children of all ages, interests and abilities. 




5. How many children will you have on camp, and how many bubbles?

We have worked with our venues to ensure your child will be safe and have planned to use the facilities in line with the current capacity that we deem to be safe at each venue. As a result, we will only be operating 1 bubble each week at camp, with 15 pupils within the bubble.



6. Why aren’t all Camp venues open?

We have been communicating with every RB Sports Activities venue since the pandemic started. Due to the operational guidance issued by government, some venues are unable to open. RB Sports Activities are working with every open venue to ensure that your children will be safe and that the risk of Covid-19 infection is minimal.



7. Why are you running shortened days?

RB Sports Activity Camps will be operating under slightly shorter days to allow registration and pick-up times to be managed safely. Our venues will be open from 8am – 4pm under full-week bookings only.



8. What happens if someone shows Covid-19 symptoms at RB Sports Activity Camps?

A child displaying COVID-19 symptoms will be removed from their bubble and put into an isolation room until they can be collected by their parent, guardian, or carer. You will be instructed to follow government guidelines for anyone who is suspected to have COVID-19. This currently involves contacting 111, arranging a test as soon as possible and remaining in isolation until you receive your test results. If the test is negative, you can come out of isolation and return to RB Sports Activity Camps. If the test is positive, you must remain in isolation until fourteen days have passed and inform RB Sports Activities immediately. In this scenario, we will issue credit to your account in line with our terms and conditions.



10. How will the sign in/out process work?

Signing your child in and out of Active Camps will be slightly different this summer. Your children’s temperature will be checked prior to signing in, RB Sports Activities team members will wear appropriate PPE and they will sign your child in and out via the iPad. Finally, registration and sign-out at each venue will be completed outside. This is of course dependant on the British weather! You will not be allowed to enter the school facility.




10. What additional training have the RB Sports Activity team members had?

As an Ofsted registered organisation, you can rest assured that all RB team members have completed the necessary Covid-19 training. This includes a full CPD day in which our staff were informed of the new and updated policies and procedures, registration, and sign-out procedure, delivering relevant sports and activities, Covid-19 protocol and more. Most importantly, the RB team will continue to ensure that your child feels safe and has fun during the summer.


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