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Mrs Turner’s Update

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well & gearing up for your Christmas productions! I hear that the songs are coming along nicely & your singing is as beautiful as always! 

I had my 2nd lot of chemo on Friday so am feeling pretty tired & achy at the moment but still smiling! 😊

Because of the special medicine my hair started to fall out so Mr Turner helped me to shave off what was left! It feels a bit odd having no hair but I’ve got a super wig & lots of scarves to keep my head warm! Mr Turner said I look like a baby monkey, but a beautiful one! 😆

Enjoy the build up to Christmas & all the fun that comes along with it! Thank you all for the beautiful cards, well wishes & prayers! I’ve loved seeing the videos of you all from Mr Brown but it’s made me miss you all even more!

You are in my prayers every day & I can’t wait to see you all soon!

God bless

Love Mrs Turner! Xxxx