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Important Information about Home Learning

Good morning to our wonderful Home Learners!


It has been lovely to see so many of you today, joining in on Teams as part of the live lessons.


We are in the process of posting out Home Learning packs with contain a few worksheets and an exercise book.  The book will be an essential part of Teaching and Learning during this lockdown.


The children will use it to record the work set in their online lessons as well as complete work that teachers have set on the individual class pages.


Remember that if you cannot access Teams and the online learning, children can use this exercise book to complete any other work that they might do such as a lessons from the BBC or Oak Academy as well as things that you may set them as a parent such as cooking, handicrafts, sport, art, DT etc.


What is essential is that children complete daily:

  • Daily reading which can be recorded in the Blue Reading Record.
  • Number bonds (KS1) and Times Tables
  • Writing of some kind - this may be a diary or writing a story or poetry as well as some non-fiction writing such as a set of instructions/recipe or an information leaflet about something that interests them.
  • If you cannot join in with daily collective worship online, please find time as a family to continue to pray together - the children can plan, organise and lead this for you!


The exercise book is expected to be returned from ALL HOME LEARNERS when they return to school after lockdown so that staff have a record of what they have been doing whilst at home and can address any problems and close potential gaps in learning.


We hope that you will find this book helpful so that children are not having to scrabble around for paper each day.


Remember that staff are here to support you and your children during these uncertain times so do not hesitate to ask and we will endeavour to get back to you.


In the meantime, please stay safe and well and we look forward to the time when we can reunite as our wonderful school family once more.


God Bless


Mrs Finnegan and Team OLSK xxx