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Bambinelli Stones

Bambinelli Sunday


The beautiful Advent Tradition, Bambinelli Sunday, was started by Saint Pope John Paul II when he was Pope.  On the Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday), children and adults bring their Baby Jesus figures from their home nativity scenes to St Peters Square where they are blessed by the Pope.


Again, this year, we are asking all of the children at OLSK to make and bring in their own Bambinelli stone. 


Find a small stone that will fit in your hand, clean it up and decorate it as Baby Jesus (see the photos for ideas). On the back clearly write your name and class so that you can take it home.


At our school Christmas Mass, Father Stefan will bless the Bambinelli that you have brought in from home.


Following the blessing, take your 'Bambinelli' home, wrap it in tissue paper and put it somewhere safe.  Open it as a family on Christmas morning where the youngest member of the family would place it in the crib.


If you haven’t got a Nativity scene at home then choose a special place where it can be put for the day such as part of your Christmas table    decoration or in the window of your house with a candle.


This year we will celebrate 'Bambinelli Sunday' on December the 13th.


Please bring your Bambinelli stones in on Monday 14h December (not before) so Father Stefan can bless them at Mass on Thursday 17th December.