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A poem for Earth by Miss Marshall

A poem from the Earth 🌍 

Fear not dear people of this land, I will never cease to turn,
Support each other through this time, take time to grow, to learn. 

My lands became a busy space, no place for nature’s rest,
This plague it over runs you now, 
but from me it is no test.

Humanity both old and young, share time in hidden spaces,
But look outside, a shoot has sprung,
In their absence nature graces.

The skies are clear, the birds can soar, collecting for their nesting,
While humanity waits behind closed doors, 
my lands out their are resting. 

No winged machines engulf the sky, with people land to land,
Now the swallows can migrate,
 and with their young they’ll stand.

No wheeled machines on concrete paths, that paint my landscape grey,
A hedgehog guides her young across , they look, they run, they’re safe. 

The air above united lands  is clear and at its best, 
The trees don’t have to work so hard, 
even they can rest. 

When Mother Nature came to me so many years ago,
She promised us a place called home, she brought sun rain and snow.

Too many years have gone by now,
upholding all she could,
She was trodden down and over run,
And at a halt she stood.

Mother Nature, please help them now, I know you hold no grudges, 
Help the people on my lands, for they will not be judges. 

Help take back this vicious plague where people fight for breath,
And in return humanity,
will make sure you still rest. 

How scared they’ve felt behind closed doors, it’s paused their thoughts and cheers,
They get it now, a humble link, they share with you their fear. 

So Mother Nature do your thing, do what you do best,
Overturn this vicious plague,
And they’ll promise you can rest.